Eskdale Lily Blue Cremation Urn On Sale
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Eskdale Lily Blue Cremation Urn

Brand: Urns US
SKU: US180003A
Size: Standard Adult
DELIVERY: Ground Shipping only
Cubic Inches

The Edison Blue Lily Cremation Urn is a high quality fibreglass urn. Each urn has been crafted by skilled artisans making each piece as unique as the person it will serve.  A secure locking system adds to the sturdiness of this urn ensuring ashes can be housed safely.  This urn has a truly exceptional high gloss finish intricately embellished with a rich mother of pearl lily -  simply stunning.  This urn has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Urns US.


Material: Fibreglass

Finish: Gloss Blue

Size: 8" x 10" x 8" 

Approx Capacity: 275 Cubic Inches - suitable for Cremains of an adult body weight approx 275 pounds or 125kg

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