Always In My Heart Art Urn Always In My Heart Art Urn On Sale
Always In My Heart Art Urn Always In My Heart Art Urn
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Always In My Heart Art Urn

Brand: Urns US
SKU: UU140003B
Size: Standard Adult
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Cubic Inches

This is a precious work of art and when it reaches your hands – it becomes priceless as it honours the life of a loved one. With that concept at the forefront of our mind – Urns UK have created the Infinity Collection. You can be assured that each piece has been hand casted and hand finished ensuring it possesses a spirit of individuality. Each piece is a work of art and communicates passion, love and rare beauty creating of an urn as unique as the individual it will serve.

ALWAYS IN MY HEART (Infinity Art Urn) has the following particulars:

This urn has a metal box - therefore is suitable for outdoors too.

Material: Aluminium sculpture & box

Size: 24cm x 20cm x 47cm

Weight: 5kg

Capacity/Volume of box: approx 210 cubic inches / 3.4litres – suitable for the full ashes of an adult/s up to total bodyweight 210lbs or 95kg.

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